Nearshoring has become a popular and intelligent option for U.S. companies that are not only looking to lower costs, but also want that cultural affinity and technological innovation that lend themselves to increased productivity and expertise.  Latin America as a whole is gaining credibility as a viable source for sourcing, but it is important to delve deeper than the regional level to find the place where a buyer can attain the most value.  With this in mind, ThinkSolutions took 19 countries in Central and South America to determine their overall appeal as nearshoring service locations and ranked them according to their financial incentives, business environment, and labor force.  We placed emphasis on factors that would bring out the unique characteristics of the region, such as cultural affinity, time zone alignment, technological readiness, and language capabilities.  These rankings will be updated quarterly or as major events occur that alter the outsourcing landscape.  

           2012 1st Quarter Rankings
1. Mexico                             10. Guatemala
2. Costa Rica                               11. El Salvador      
3. Colombia                              12. Uruguay
4. Chile                                 13. Honduras
5. Brazil                                14. Dominican Republic
6. Panama                            15. Paraguay
7. Peru                                  16. Nicaragua
8. Puerto Rico                      17. Venezuela
9. Argentina                         18. Bolivia                       
                                              19. Ecuador