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Dominican Republic

· Total Workforce Size: 4,417,000
· Unemployment Rate: 15%
· Literacy Rate: 88%
· Official Language: Spanish
· GNI Per Capita: $4,550
· AT Kearney Global Services Location Index: not ranked
· Ease of Doing Business rank: 91st of 183
· S&P's Currency Risk Rating: B
· Economist’s 2010 Democracy Index: 70th of 167 (Flawed Democracy)
· Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index: 101th of 178
· Corporate Tax Rate: 25%

Though the Dominican Republic has remained somewhat under the radar in the nearshoring world, the country’s call center industry is thriving. According to Eddy Martinez, director of Dominican Republic Exports and Investment Center, call centers generate 25,000 direct jobs from the 57 companies that operate in the country, and that number is expected to double in the next couple years. The establishment of Free Trade Zones with the US in 2005 makes the call center business in the country extremely lucrative, and the country’s proximity to the US makes it preferable to competing offerings in Venezeula, Guatemala, Colombia, and the Philippines. Downsides to the DR include its small population, weak English language abilities, and extremely high natural disaster risk.

Jet Blue Prepares to Offer More Flights
to Latin America

Jet Blue may become the airline of choice for companies with nearshoring strategies...
JetBlue Airways Corp., with 65 daily trips to the Caribbean and Latin America, may fly to more distant international destinations as it adds fuel-saving winglets to planes and receives new Airbus SAS A320neo jets.

The changes, along with replacing smaller Embraer E190 jets with bigger planes on some routes, will allow the New York-based carrier to fly farther and carry more passengers. JetBlue announced a $2.5 billion order Tuesday for 40 A320neos. 

The plan will allow JetBlue to expand its strategy of focusing flying in New York, Boston and the Caribbean. The carrier said it also is likely to use Airbus A321 aircraft it will receive to boost service on high-demand cross-country routes between New York and San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Even from New York, flights to the DR are under four hours.